The colours of true life


So this is my first official entry, the first peek into my life. Well, I'm a pupil, attending school regularly, as most of the nice pupils do. (This space is left out in order to let you reconsider what I just wrote. No, I don't think that you're retarded or something similiarly nasty, I just thought it was time I did something exceptionally stupid. Don't worry, this is not contagious, and it's not the swine flu, it's perfectly normal for me. And please don't think this is some poor attempt to be funny, I know better than that. Okay. I'm done with my wannabe-parenthesis.)
Today could have been better. I mean, there were a lot of beautiful, cuddly clouds around (no clouds don't make up my whole life, yes, I know I've done it again. Damn parenthesis. (Swearing is not allowed, is it? Aaah, I can't believe I just wrote a wannabe parenthesis inside of a wannabe parenthesis.))
But the lessons were awfully boring, everyone was tired and I felt like I just woke in one of these HSM movies where everyone storms out of the class, causing serious collisions while trying to fight their way out of the classroom, as soon as the relieving sound of the schoolbell releases them from their imprisonment. Why don't these people understand that pulpifying themselves to a mash consisting of brains and flesh won't get them out of school any earlier? *sigh*
Okay. So there are some other - rather interesting- things that happened aujourd'hui but I'm still deciding if some of these things belong here. Nah. Probably not. Trying to convince me otherwise would be a waste of time considering the fact that I'm going to tell you anyway.
So....the following passage may contain slightly mature content. (Don't ask me about the slightly)
I'm not going to bore you with the whole story, but somehow I ended up wondering why the hell homosexuals have something called the "hanky code". (And I'm feeling rather stupid right now, because most of you people will know already. Due to this I'm not going to explain it. If you are unknowing like I was before, go ahead and look it up on Google. Trust me, this will leave you wondering about a LOT of things.)
A friend of mine told me about all the nice colours and their meanings. By then I was laughing so hard, I was almost crying. But the whole story hit its peak when my dear friend told me about Jared Leto wearing a black AND a red hanky during a show. (I'm NOT homophobic, and Mr. Leto can do as he pleases, but...this was just so...damn obvious!)
If you don't know what I mean and you haven't looked it up yet, keep that in your mind and look it up later. If you know about the said thing but don't know Jared Leto (which I highly doubt) - forget it. If you know everything and everyone and still don't find it the lousiest bit funny - well....I've heard they're selling "humour" on ebay now...(Haha)
And do you know the best thing about all those "insider-jokes"? All these little things we make up in order to amuse ourselves? No?
It is the fact that you will constantly see someone or something passing by that will remind you of that one joke - by which time, most obviously, you'll be alone and you'll find yourself being the only one laughing in a group full of grumpy people. Life can be so wonderful.
So...my last attempts to acknowledge laughing as a sport, preferably in gym class, were not successful. But I'm working on it, I promise.
I've reached the end of my post, leaving you with the lyrics of the day:

If I cut you down to a thing I can use
I fear there'll be nothing
good left of you
(Lose Control, Evanescence)


Hello world!

So now I've entered the mysterious world of blogging. Hopefully my posts will be any good. The main idea of this blog will be to keep you informed about all the things going on in my life...ha, bet you didn't think of that (especially with a blogname like that ^^). Oh I see. You're probably very bored already - but I can assure you that I will try my best keeping my posts full of wit and humour and making you smile. Or giggle. Or roar with laughter. (It's all up to you)
That's all. For now.

Yours sincerely...
the candy cloud